MAP Oil Tools

The "MF" Landing Nipple is a top NO-GO or selective nipple which provides for the location of various wireline flow control devices in the production string. Be sure to consider carefully the location and number of the model "MF" seating nipple to provide maximum versatility in the positioning of the various flow control accessories.

May be used in the following applications:

  • Land blanking plugs to shut in well or to test the production tubing
  • Land Velocity Type Safety Valves
  • Land equalizing check valves
  • Land circulating blanking plugs
  • Land chokes to reduce surface flowing pressures
  • Land instrument hangers with geophysical devices such as pressure and temperature recorders
  • Features of MF Landing Nipple:
  • Accept selective or top NO-GO locks
  • Honed internal sealing bore for maximum sealing capacities
  • Locking groove/no-go shoulder combination above seal bore
  • All premium threads available