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Map Hydro-Mech Bridge Plug is hydraulically actuated, mechanically set, compact, small OD, high pressure and designed for easy drill out. It can be used in zone isolation for squeeze cementing, fracturing, and plug and abandonment either temporary or permanent.

  • The setting mechanism and control are contained in the bridge plug eliminating the need for a complex mechanical setting tool
  • Eliminates the expense of wireline setting tool and equipment
  • Full tubing bore is available for unobstructed passage of fluids and wireline run perforating and logging equipment after the plug is set and tubing released
  • Can be run and set in tandem with retrievable production packers or squeeze packers
  • Top equalizing during drill-out assures safe drill-out without the plug coming up the hole due to pressures contained below the plug
  • Sets securely in most casing, including many premium grades.

Tech Sheet Part Number Carbide Option Wicker Option Boot PN Casing OD Casing WT Gage Ring Max Force lbs Max Set PSI Max Tensile Max OD Max PSI Max Set Max Tens Min ID Nip OD Nogo Bore Overshot PN Seal Bore Setting Range Min ID Setting Range Max ID Set Tool Size Stinger PN Tool ID Tool OD Threads Cup OD Working Pressure Exit Flow Area (in2) Open Pressuer Max (psi) Trigger Pressure (psi) Open Hole Setting Range (in) Max. Temperature Open Pressure (psi) Closing Pressure (psi) Max Pump Rate (BPM) Max Hydrostatic Opening Pressure (psi)
Login to view Tech Sheets 0620314303 4 9.4-14.0 3.340 3.599 3.140
Login to view Tech Sheets 0620359303 4 1/2 9.5-15.1 3.826 4.090 3.593
Login to view Tech Sheets 0620393303 5 11.5-20.8 4.154 4.560 3.937
Login to view Tech Sheets 0620431303 5 1/2 13.0-23.0 4.580 5.044 4.345
Login to view Tech Sheets 0620568303 7 17.0-35.0 6.004 6.538 5.687
Login to view Tech Sheets 0620631303 7 5/8 20.0-39.0 6.625 7.125 6.312
Login to view Tech Sheets 0620712303 8 5/8 24.0-49.0 7.310 8.097 7.125
Login to view Tech Sheets 0620812303 9 5/8 29.3-58.4 8.435 9.063 8.125
Login to view Tech Sheets 0621188303 13 3/8 48.0-80.7 12.175 12.715 11.875
Login to view Tech Sheets 0621837303 20 94.0-133.0 18.730 19.124 18.370