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The ML Circulating Sleeve is a downhole flow control device mounted in the production tubing. Any number of sleeves may be run in a tubing string and any or all of them may be opened or closed with a Self Releasing MD-2 Shifting Tool.

The top sub of ML Circulating Sleeve contains an "MF" landing nipple profile and a seal bore. Selective and No-Go flow control accessories can be utilized with this sleeve.

The ML Circulating Sleeve maybe used in the following applications:

  • Displacing kill or completion fluid
  • Allowing multiple zones to produce up one tubing string
  • Selective testing or stimulation of individual zones
  • Circulation to kill the well
  • Gas lifting the well
  • Landing a blanking plug in the profile in the upper sub to shut in the well, test the tubing, or test the sleeve itself
  • Circulating inhibitors or methanol
  • Features:
  • Dependable, simple, quick
  • Features an "F" nipple profile above and a packing bore above and below the communication ports
  • Ports can be closed without leaving any obstructions in the tubing once the shifting operation is completed
  • The Model "MD-2" shifting Tool is used to open (jarring down) the ML Circulating Sleeve
  • All premium threads available

Tech Sheet Part Number Carbide Option Wicker Option Boot PN Casing OD Casing WT Gage Ring Max Force lbs Max Set PSI Max Tensile Max OD Max PSI Max Set Max Tens Min ID Nip OD Nogo Bore Overshot PN Seal Bore Setting Range Min ID Setting Range Max ID Set Tool Size Stinger PN Tool ID Tool OD Threads Cup OD Working Pressure Exit Flow Area (in2) Open Pressuer Max (psi) Trigger Pressure (psi) Open Hole Setting Range (in) Max. Temperature Open Pressure (psi) Closing Pressure (psi) Max Pump Rate (BPM) Max Hydrostatic Opening Pressure (psi)
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