MAP Oil Tools

Model CSU-1 Upstrain Tubing Tester is normally attached directly above a Model CS-1 Squeeze Packer (or any model set down type packer) and is used to pressure test the tubing string while running in the hole prior to a squeeze operation.

  • Pressure test tubing while running in the hole
  • For use with any retrievable set-down type squeeze packer
  • 10,000 PSI pressure rating
  • Easy to operate

Tech Sheet Part Number Carbide Option Wicker Option Boot PN Casing OD Casing WT Gage Ring Max Force lbs Max Set PSI Max Tensile Max OD Max PSI Max Set Max Tens Min ID Nip OD Nogo Bore Overshot PN Seal Bore Setting Range Min ID Setting Range Max ID Set Tool Size Stinger PN Tool ID Tool OD Threads Cup OD Working Pressure Exit Flow Area (in2) Open Pressuer Max (psi) Trigger Pressure (psi) Open Hole Setting Range (in) Max. Temperature Open Pressure (psi) Closing Pressure (psi) Max Pump Rate (BPM) Max Hydrostatic Opening Pressure (psi)
Login to view Tech Sheets 0540240001 2 3/8 1.880 3.750 2-3/8 OD EU 8 Rd
Login to view Tech Sheets 0540240002 2 7/8 2.380 5.250 2-7/8 OD EU 8 Rd